The Halifax Seaport BeerFest announced for August 10 & 11

Tickets on sale this Friday, May 18 at 11am!

The 12th annual Halifax Seaport BeerFest, Atlantic Canada’s largest craft beer and cider festival and one of the top beer festivals nationally, will take place at the Cunard Centre on the Halifax Waterfront, Friday, August 10 and Saturday, August 11.

Over 300 craft beers, premium imports, gluten-free beers and ciders will be showcased from Canada and around the world, two-thirds of which are not available for purchase via NSLC stores.

“We’re setting the stage for attendees to sample, discover and learn about craft beer and cider in a fun and social setting,” said Bruce Mansour, festival co-founder. “The industry is thriving and we're proud to display it with an easy-going East Coast spin again this summer!”


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Halifax Seaport Beerfest 2017 Preview 

August, 9 2017, BY KIM HART MACNEILL

Summer 2017 has been exceptional for Brian Titus, president of Garrison Brewing and co-founder of Halifax Seaport BeerFest.

“Just trying to stay in the game here,” he says a week before the first day of BeerFest. “I’m running on fumes. Tall Ships just ended, Busker Fest is starting, Seaport BeerFest is next week. We have all of February to recover so we’re good.” In addition to serving all of tourist traffic from the boardwalk, Garrison is renovating 1,000 square-feet of its brewery and taproom, which Titus hopes will be...

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Beerfest is on a quest to help you try all the beer

A portion of proceeds goes to Prostate Cancer Canada Atlantic and Adsum House.



It’s almost time for the Halifax Seaport Beerfest, which festival co-founder Brian Titus calls “the biggest party.”

“It’s such a unique offering where it’s almost 100 percent proper craft beer or specialty import,” says Titus, who is also the president of Garrison Brewing Co.

Beerfest started in 2007, and it’s been growing ever since. Attendees have three sessions to choose from (one on Friday and two on Saturday) to taste unlimited samples. There will be 112 breweries and 368 brands participating.

“This year, it just...

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Largest East Coast Craft Beer and Cider Festival returns to Halifax for 11th Year, August 11 & 12

May, 17, 2017 Wendy Phillips, Phillips Public Relations Ltd.

Tickets on sale this Friday!

(Halifax, NS) – The Halifax Seaport BeerFest returns as Atlantic Canada’s largest craft beer and cider festival. One of the top beer festivals nationally, this much-anticipated event celebrates all things beer, cider and food on the Halifax Waterfront from Friday, August 11th to Saturday, August 12th.

The 11th anniversary edition will showcase over 300 craft beers, premium imports and ciders, representing nearly every Canadian province and over 15 different countries. The Cunard Centre with its 375’ of waterfront patio, will host some of the greatest craft...

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10 years of suds at Seaport Beerfest - The festival’s co-founder, Brian Titus, chats about how it all began.

August 4, 2016 BY MORGAN MULLIN

When Brian Titus answers the phone, he politely says this might not be the best time to talk. Outside at Pier 23, near the Cunard Centre, he's hard at work ripping open the many flats of beers arriving for the 10th annual Seaport Beerfest. The loud thumps and bangs from this effort reverberate through the call.

"As I'm going through the beer I'm sort of fondling different bottles, thinking, 'Oh I'm going to come back to you,'" the event co-organizer (and half of the duo behind Garrison Brewery) says, laughing.

The Seaport Beerfest is an annual two-day festival that transforms the Cunard Centre and...

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Halifax BeerFest samples 326 beers from around the world


It’s a beer-lover’s dream: being handed a mug and told they can fill it up as many times as they’d like, with different varieties stretching into the distances. But here comes the tricky part: deciding which ones to sample.

“Nobody’s trying them all — it’s just not going to happen —so you have to be a bit strategic,” explains Brian Titus, Garrison Brewing Co. president and general manager. “It’s not a sprint. You need to pace yourself.”

It took months to narrow down the list of participating breweries, and the final lineup for the 10th annual Halifax Seaport BeerFest includes 326 different brands from across Canada and around the world.

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This weekend, it's beer-tasting time at the pier - The 10th Halifax Seaport BeerFest features more than 300 brands of beer and cider at three tasting sessions Friday and Saturday at the Cunard Centre.

August 2, 2016 BY BILL SPURR

Thousands of beer drinkers, hundreds of beers, dozens of porta-potties.

Those are the main ingredients for the 10th Halifax Seaport BeerFest, Friday and Saturday at Cunard Centre, run by founder and Garrison Brewing president Brian Titus, who chairs a debrief session every year to find ways to improve the festival.

“There are always tweaks … and we’re trying to improve on the offering, in general,” said Titus, surrounded by a rainbow of cardboard as pallets of beer arrived for the beerfest. 


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From IT to IPA: Irish craft brew couple in Halifax for BeerFest

August 6, 2015 BY ZANE WOODFORD

Gráinne Walsh and Tim Barber knew they needed a change; they just didn’t know brewing was the answer.

But after the Irish husband-wife craft beer team tried their hand at brewing up a batch of home brew, they realized it was time to get out of the IT industry, and into craft beer.

“There’s great overlap between the tech industry and craft beer,” Walsh said Thursday.

“It’s people who are geeky about tech, or geeky about graphics or geeky about gaming, and we’re geeky about beer.”
Well, that geekiness paid off.

In 2010 the couple developed a business plan, in 2011 they launched the brewery and by 2012 they were both into Metalman... Read More

GLOBAL NEWS - August 6, 2015

Halifax Seaport Beerfest showcases local craft beer 

August 6, 2015 BY RAY BRADSHAW

HALIFAX – Craft beer is a growing trend in the city, and this weekend residents will get a chance to try some of the best at the 9th annual Halifax Seaport Beerfest, the largest gathering of craft beer, imports and cider in Atlantic Canada.

Craft beer brewers from all over Eastern Canada, Maine, and Ireland, will be serving up their products at Beerfest. “An incredible selection of brands,” said Brian Titus, the co-founder of the Halifax Seaport Beerfest. “Over 300 unique beers, all specialty, seasonal and local craft beers.”Titus is also co-owner of Garrison Brewing, which has been operating for 19 years. He said the craft beer business is booming. “...

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Tickets on sale this Friday at 10am!


Halifax Seaport BeerFest: Atlantic Canada’s largest beer festival is back for its 9th year in Halifax, August 7 & 8

Tickets on sale this Friday at 10am!

(Halifax, NS) - Atlantic Canada’s largest beer festival and one of Canada’s most popular beer festivals returns for its 9th annual “Beer on the Pier”. The event will take place at the Cunard Centre on Halifax’s Waterfront, Friday, August 7 and Saturday, August 8.

Read more details in the attached PDF.


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